5'6 Modern Twin



5'6 x 19 x 2 5/16 at 27L


Black Resin Tint

Fin System:


Modern Twin Description:

The Modern Twin is the ultimate mix of an alternative and performance surfboard. This surfboard is designed for surf in the 2-6ft range. 

The MT favors peaky beach break surf and point break waves.

Features: Lower entry rocker with lift (excelerated rocker) out the tail. The bottom contour has single concave through the center with a spiral V under the back foot and vee out of the tail. The outline is more parallel which helps with drive, while the wing and swallow tail help create a nice transition to pivot the board in the pocket.

All boards are designed and hand-finished by Matt Pagan in Los Angeles, CA and glassed by Mangiagli Manufacturing in Hermosa Beach, CA. Mangiagli MFG has been creating quality work since the 1960's.

All Sales Are Final.

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