PAGAN USA was started by me and 2 friends.

My name is Matt Pagan. I'm a former professional surfer from Los Angeles, CA. To be more specific, Westchester CA.

I competed on the WQS for about 5 years before a transition to creating short surf films in and around CA with my brother - Mike Pagan.

After surfing for legacy brands like RVCA, Body Glove, Lost Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards, I wanted to step back in to the surf world and create my own version.

After surfing in the Los Angeles/South Bay area for 15 years, I decided to start shaping my own surfboards. The goal was to catch waves and go fast.

My Dad - Bob Pagan a former carpenter and now general contractor, taught me how to use tools. I took this and my love for surfing and started to run with it. 

My goal for our surfboards is to create alternative performance surfboards that help you:

1. Catch more waves.

2. Progress your surfing.

3. Look good.

The vision with PAGAN USA is not just to create a surf brand. It's to create a culture. A culture that creates surfboards, clothing and community with the highest standards and intention.

We use the best material possible for our clothing, the best supplies and glasshouses for our surfboards and the highest standard for our surf club.

I personally hope you enjoy what we are building.

Always here to listen to your feedback.

- Matt