Custom Order: Surfboard Deposit


Let's get you onto something that helps.

Current Lead Time: 5-6 weeks.

2024 Pricing:

Base Price for Clear Board Under 7' - $850.00

Base Price for Clear Board Over 7' - $1,000.00

How to order:

1. Select "Add to Cart."

2. This will be your Deposit for 1 Custom Surfboard: models, sizing, etc. will be discussed via email.

3. Following the deposit, your remainder will be paid upon delivery or pickup. 

4. An email will be sent to you within 24 hours to specify any color, channels, fin addition, or any other requests.

Notes to help you for your order:

Deposit Cost:

$475 for boards under 7'

$775 for boards over 7'.

Each board can be customized further to your preference. 

Total cost will be evaluated after your follow up email/phone conversation.

Examples of extra's that may increase the price:

Resin Tints/Swirls: Base price - $100 per side.

Airbrush: Base price - $50 per side

- Please feel free to email Matt with you questions you may have:

All sales are final.

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