Yesterday I went out of my comfort zone and did the 3rd Annual “Lift, Run and Hang” event at Muscle Beach in Venice CA. Selema Masekela was there and he was on fire! I was so inspired by how hungry he is to take care of his health, challenge himself and immerse himself into community.

I told him how inspired I was by him and he gave me SIMPLE advice - “You got it man, just more reps.”

More reps… That got me thinking. It’s applicable to so many areas in my life.

Since we’re here to help you surf better, let’s take this and run with it: MORE REPS = MORE WAVES.

We're going Gary V style for all those entrepreneurs out there.

I’ve worked with the best coaches in surfing. One of the most IMPORTANT advantages I’ve learned over my career is:


If you want to get better at surfing, sitting on your board isn’t going to progress you. As I’m writing this, Eli Hanneman is about to win the 2023 US Open Men’s Title. During this final I’ve watched him do these 3 things that have more often than not, led to some of my best surfing sessions:

Have your Sandbars laid out: Pick your places to catch waves: Peak 1, Peak 2 and Peak 3. This helps create a survey or a map of the lineup, so you know EXACTLY where you’re going. Peak 1 = the most consistent and best wave in the lineup (often times the most crowded) and then you tier down the rest of the Peaks (2, 3, 4, etc) from there.
Sitting is your Off-Button: Try this for 30 min and time yourself. How ACTIVE can you stay in the lineup?
Move Laterally within the Peaks: Now I know the ocean can go flat and even the best in the world sit on their boards, but the goal this week is to get your REPS up! During those 30 min or longer, move laterally within the peaks and CREATE your OPPORTUNITIES. This will especially help you when the waves are smaller and at the very least, you’re getting a cardio workout.
Sample layout from the US Open Today:

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